Viola’s Hope

Viola silently crept from her cabin on the ship. All passengers had been warned to stay below deck as the ship battled an angry storm. She was the captain’s daughter and knew the ship had survived many violent storms in the past. Tonight this storm seemed different. It was as though the sea god was... Continue Reading →

A Teacher’s Hope

As I begin a new year of teaching, I am going through the typical first week of school activities—arranging desks, choosing learning activities, writing lessons, meeting new students, learning their personalities, etc. This is my thirteenth first week of school and I can honestly say that I learn just as much as my students every... Continue Reading →

Sarah’s Hope

It was a hot and dusty day. I sat lounging on my chaise listening to the sounds of the wind blowing against our tent. The days here are usually hot, but Abe found a nice place for us to settle under the trees of Mamre. The beautiful oak trees provided us with ample shade to... Continue Reading →

Samson’s Hope

I sat in my cold damp cell ignoring the vermin scampering around me. I cannot see them because I am blind. I am blind. I cannot believe I gave my heart to another Philistine woman who betrayed me. I hope Delilah is enjoying her new found riches. I did not think Delilah would turn on... Continue Reading →

Eyes of Hope

I have a gift or talent to see potential for creativity in just about anything. I find a piece of cardboard and wonder what I can paint on it. I paint boxes and empty containers and turn scraps of fabric into beautiful quilts. And don’t get me started on old magazines.  I can see a... Continue Reading →

Abbi’s Hope gives examples of various types of hope using phrases. The phrase “hope for the best” reminds me of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. I Samuel 25 tells the story of how Abigail’s wisdom and swift actions spared her community from David’s wrath. She has no idea how David will react to... Continue Reading →

Caleb’s Hope

I guess this could be the equivalent of the junior high walk of shame. Today is my first day back to school. It’s only five weeks after all the other kids started school. I just got back to campus from the alternative school. I am so embarrassed. I bet all the kids have told my... Continue Reading →

Roberta’s Hope

Roberta and her fourteen-year old daughter Kayla rushed into the lobby of the medical center to register while her husband, Geoff parked the car. While waiting for Geoff and their two other children, Kris and Kimberly, to join them, Kayla found a brochure and asked, "Momma, what is Moms of Multiples?" Roberta explained multiples mean... Continue Reading →

Zayla’s Hope

The theme of this month's posts is "Hope" and I am going to share some hope stories, hope quotes, and art that makes me think of hope. Hope is defined by several dictionaries as a feeling or a desire to see something happen. says, "Hope in Scripture means a strong and confident expectation." Continue Reading →

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