Roberta’s Hope

Roberta and her fourteen-year old daughter Kayla rushed into the lobby of the medical center to register while her husband, Geoff parked the car. While waiting for Geoff and their two other children, Kris and Kimberly, to join them, Kayla found a brochure and asked, “Momma, what is Moms of Multiples?” Roberta explained multiples mean that the mother gave birth to more than one baby. Roberta and Geoff had decided to share this birthing experience with their children. Kris was twelve and Kimberly was seven. They had taken off work and kept the kids home from school to witness the first ultrasound exam. They were all excited because today they would get their first peek at the new baby. As they waited to be called to the examining room, they joked and laughed at the possibility of a multiple birth.

“Oh, Momma, what if it is twins?” Kris asked. The family laughed and began a light-hearted discussion about the number of diapers they would have to change and the number of bottles to wash and fill. Roberta felt a wave of nausea as she thought about the possibility. She smiled thinking, “Surely not.”

Soon they were escorted into the procedure room. After everyone was situated where they could see the sonogram screen, the technician began the ultrasound procedure. As everyone silently watched the technician switch views and type information on the keyboard, Kayla gasped. She turned to Roberta and said, “Momma, look, we’re having twins!” Roberta dismissed the comment saying, “No, sweetheart, that’s just the way the baby is positioned in there.” They continued to watch, Roberta with a pinched frown in her forehead. Kayla repeated her observation. This time Geoff discounted the thought, but as he finished, the technician said, “No, sir. She is correct. There are two babies.” Roberta and Geoff watched in stunned silence as the technician completed the procedure and wished them luck.

Later that evening during her quiet time before bed, Roberta prayed and said, “Lord, we were prepared for one baby. I’m really looking forward to seeing how You are going to take care of preparing us for twins.” 20140310_170803-1

It wasn’t long before family and friends learned of their happy surprise and began to rally together to help out. One day Roberta received a call from a friend who had a donation of clothing to deliver. Roberta was hesitant at first but remembered her mother taught her to never decline allowing someone to bless her when it was in their hearts to do so. She accepted the clothes and to her amazement, the donation included more than one hundred gender-neutral outfits–two of every kind. Many of the outfits were brand new and had never been worn. They were later blessed with a mini-van, donated by a family who were called to the mission field outside of the United States. The Lord provided so many clothing that the twins didn’t require new clothes and shoes until they were two years old. The van was an extra blessing to accommodate the new family of seven.

Roberta could have become distressed  about the unexpected change in her family, but instead, she put her hope in God.


Blessed is he whose hope is in the Lord…Psalms 146:5



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