Abbi’s Hope gives examples of various types of hope using phrases. The phrase “hope for the best” reminds me of one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. I Samuel 25 tells the story of how Abigail’s wisdom and swift actions spared her community from David’s wrath. She has no idea how David will react to her gesture of peace, but all she has is hope on her side.

Abbi looked up as she placed a bowl of figs, dates, and grain on the table set for the grand banquet. Shearing season was coming to an end and the ladies were preparing for a celebration. Soon the men would return from the fields after shearing the last of the sheep being kept in the fields outside the camp. A cloud of dust from the base of the mountains in the East announced the approach of visitors. As she pondered preparing additional food to accommodate the visitors, Seth, one of the young shearers, rushed to her side and gasped, “David sent messengers to request provisions from the master, but the master refused to send anything.”

“What? He refused?” Abbi exclaimed.

“Yes. David and his men have been good to us. When we were out keeping the sheep, they protected us day and night. Because of their protection, we did not lose any sheep. The least we could do is give them something to eat.”

“Did anyone tell Nabal this?”

“We tried, mistress, but he refused to listen. Our master has put us all in danger. An outrider has returned reporting David is angry and means to destroy Nabal and his household. What are we going to do?”

Abbi sighed and said, “I think we can repair the damage. The Lord has blessed us with plenty to share. You go and bring donkeys. The women and I will fill baskets with food from the banquet.  Go! Hurry before it is too late.

Abbi and the women hurriedly packed baskets with fruit, grain, prepared meats, and wine.  Seth and a group of other young men quickly loaded the donkeys. Soon they were ready to leave. “Seth, you and the men take these donkeys to David. He is still a distance away. I will slip away shortly to follow you.”

“Will you tell the master what we are doing?” Seth asked.

“No. Nabal has already started celebrating with wine. He will not notice I am gone. Now go, all will be well.” Abbi soon slipped away and rode her donkey out to meet David and his men as they spoke to Seth in the shadows of the mountains.

“Why are you’re here?” David bellowed. “Your husband has insulted me and my men. We protected his interests in the wilderness and how does he show his appreciation? He threw my good gesture back in my face. May God do the same to him!”

Abbi leaped from here donkey and bowed at David’s feet. “Please, my lord, I am the guilty one here. I did not know your men had come. If I had, your request would have been fulfilled,” she stammered. “My husband was not in his right mind. Do not hold his hastiness against all of us.” She rose and gestured her hands toward Seth and the loaded donkeys. “Please accept this gift for you and your men. May the Lord protect you and may He destroy your enemies. May the Lord do all he has spoken and when He has appointed you to your throne, remember your servant.”

David’s anger was calmed by Abbi’s gesture of peace. He accepted her gift and said, “Go in peace. Your gift has saved you and your household.”

“Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: If you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Proverbs 24:14

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