God’s Hope

This morning started off pretty routinely. You got up before the rest of the family to spend time with Me. I know I woke you up early. But if you think about it, 4 a.m. is not really that early. I wanted to have time with you so that the rest of your day would go well and you would not face too many surprises that you could not handle.

We spIMG_1148 (2)ent an hour together. You brought me your praises, thanks, and concerns. I really enjoyed listening to you. I waited until you were finished. Just when I was getting ready to speak to you, you got up and left. I know you thought we were finished, but I wanted to answer some of your questions.

Today you asked me to help you make an impact on those around you. You asked me to help you know what you were created to do. I answered those questions three times last week.

Remember on Tuesday when you saw the mother with the two little ones in the grocery store. One of her children was screaming and throwing the best fit you have seen in a long time. The other child was strapped in an infant seat. You saw how weary that mother was. I was hoping you would offer to push her shopping cart to the car so that she could have some relief. Just think how shocked her screaming bundle of joy would have been to have you pushing him out to the car while mother walked a few feet ahead to take a breath.

You also had an answer on Thursday when you listened to your friend tell you how hard it has been taking care of their sick parent. Not only did they have to pick up their children from school, then take them to soccer practice and math tutorials, they also needed to get their parent to the doctor and pick up their medications. I was hoping you would see they could really use your help picking up the kids and bringing them home. That would have been a great opportunity to remind their children to help around the house more since grandpa was sick and needed extra attention.

Finally, I was really hoping you would catch this one. You were standing in the middle of your closet this morning while getting ready for church. You picked out a very nice outfit and needed the perfect pair of shoes. You found a pair in the very back corner that you only wore once last summer and was thrilled the shoes matched what you picked out today. Did you see that large vacuum pack of clothes beside the shoes? You packed away several outfits three years ago but have not opened it since. Why do you hold on to that cube? I know you heard the minister ask for donations to give to the local homeless shelter last week because when you went shopping you picked up some soap, towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste. I was hoping you would take that cube of clothing along with the items you bought at the store.

Remember, Jesus said the world would know Him by the love you show to one another (John 13:35).

I’m looking forward to our next visit. I hope you will give me a chance to speak next time. I love you!”

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