Eyes of Hope

I have a gift or talent to see potential for creativity in just about anything. I find a piece of cardboard and wonder what I can paint on it. I paint boxes and empty containers and turn scraps of fabric into beautiful quilts. And don’t get me started on old magazines.  I can see a family gathering as an opportunity to create memories by creating a fact finding scavenger hunt about our ancestor. I could go on, but this morning the sweetest thought came to me as I was getting ready for work. God has given me the grace to see people and situations through eyes of hope.

Crochet Baby Teether

Eyes of hope makes losing my keys as God’s way of protecting me from potential danger on the road.

Eyes of hope helps me see my failures as opportunities for growth.

Eyes of hope helps me see the flaws in others as opportunities for me to be a vessel of mercy.

Eyes of hope helps me see the pain behind fake smiles and gives me someone to pray for.

Eyes of hope helps me as a teacher view the negative behavior of a student as an opportunity to show God’s unconditional love.

Eyes of hope helps me see that sickness is an opportunity to draw closer to God, fear is an opportunity to trust God, grief is an opportunity to receive God’s comfort, and closed doors is an opportunity to discover God’s better plan for my life.

I’m calling today a “Hope Challenge”. I challenge you to put on your glasses of hope or take of the shades that hide what’s really in front of you and find hope.

Have a great day! God loves you!

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