Sarah’s Hope

It was a hot and dusty day. I sat lounging on my chaise listening to the sounds of the wind blowing against our tent. The days here are usually hot, but Abe found a nice place for us to settle under the trees of Mamre. The beautiful oak trees provided us with ample shade to keep us from the direct glare of the sun. It was unusually quiet this afternoon. Maybe it was just me. I had watched Amri give birth to another son this morning. She is a good wife and mother. A son. I wanted to give Abe a son. I would have settled for a daughter. But alas, I have given him neither. I guess his line will continue through Ish. My birthing days are over and I am going to enjoy the solitude. Abe is sitting just outside the entry of our tent. I smile as I admire his silhouette. He is still very handsome. It is not so bad we did not have children. He still loves me and treats me like I am beautiful. I sighed and closed my eyes.

After a while I open my eyes not certain if I was dreaming but I could hear voices. I sat up, tilting my head towards the entry to listen. Abe was talking to someone.

“You have blessed our home by visiting us,” Abe said.

I walked to the entry of the tent to see who he was talking to. He was bowing to three men as if they were men of honor. I did not recognize them, but Abe apparently did. Abe ran into the tent and told me to bake some bread from our finest flour. The men are very special. Abe then set the servants to preparing a meal out of a calf he selected himself.

I waited in the tent as Abe and his guests ate the meal we had prepared. I sat near the entrance hoping to hear their conversation.  I drew closer so I could hear better when I heard one of the men tell Abe that I would have a son when he returned in a year. I froze.

“What did he say?” I mumbled to myself.

“Your wife with be with child when I return next year.”

I stopped just behind Abe. I had to hear this. What was this man saying? Me, have a baby. Ha! Those days are certainly over. I am too old to have a baby. It would be a miracle for me to have a baby at my age. The idea is so bizarre that I chuckle to myself. “A baby. Humph.”

The visitor looked at me but spoke to Abe, “Why is your wife laughing? Is there anything too hard for God?” I tried to deny I laughed, but he caught me. All I could do was shrug and back away from the entry. I touched my stomach and remembered Abe shared with me once that the Lord had told him we would have a son. “Could this really be happening now?” I thought. A baby. I had given up on being a mother.

Later that night Abe told me the Lord was among the men who visited him. I was speechless with wonder that I could really have a baby soon. Not just a baby, but a son would come from this old body. Can I really hope for such a blessing?

I can imagine Sarah hoping for a baby for many years. I’m sure she had given up hope long before “the visitors”. Isn’t that like God? He reveals what is going to happen. He delays the event. Then, just when we have forgotten about it, He delivers.

Never give up hope.

Psalms 33:20 (NIV)

We wait in hope for the Lord; He is our help and our shield.

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