Counting Blessings

Counting your blessings is easy to do

Even when life is difficult for you

Take a deep breath, count that too.

Look around and add the view.

Listen to the birds sing

Hearing it is a blessing.

Don’t for get to count waking

Add that to the list, add writing.

Remember to add opening your eyes

And include the sunrise.

Counting your blessings is freeing when you realize

Finishing the race is the prize.

Counting your blessings will change your view

About the path ahead of you.

You’ll smile at sunsets and smell the flowers too

Because you’ll remember to thank the one who created you.

Morning Tree.jpg

Every morning while driving myself to work, I am blessed to have three children in tow. Taylon and Dee are in 8th grade and Jordyn is in kindergarten. As you would suspect, the 8th graders do not talk to me. Jordyn does.

At the beginning of the school year, when we started off for school the sun would just be rising. She noticed the colors of the sky  almost every morning and would ask great questions, “Grandma, why is the sky pink?” “Grandma, why is the sun orange or red?” “Grandma, why is the moon still shining?” I love those conversations, because she reminded me to count my blessings every time she asked. Our morning views inspired the picture you see in this post. When I showed it to Jordayn and asked her what does it look like, she said, “It looks like on our way to school.”

I hope as you start your day that you will find yourself counting your blessings.

Psalms 103: 2 (English Standard Version)

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits…

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