An Advent Song

There is a spirit of anticipation filling the Earth

As we eagerly prepare to celebrate Your birth.

There is a pause lingering in the atmosphere

As we watch for the promise of peace to appear.

There is a swell of hope rising in the air

Releasing a joyful sound as we declare

“Emmanuel, O Emmanuel, You are Wonderful Counselor

You are Mighty God, You are the Everlasting Father

You are the Prince of Peace.

You are our light in darkness, hope in our times of despair

You clothe us in righteousness and garments of praise

You heal our broken hearts and anoint us with the gladness

You set us free from our burdens and sinful ways.”

There are smiles on our faces and the air is filled with mirth.

As the spirit of anticipation filling the Earth.

There are hands giving and hearts are reaching out far and near

As the promise of peace lingers in the atmosphere.

There are bells ringing, choirs singing, and feasts to prepare

As songs of hope rise in the air.

Isaiah 9:6 & 61: 3

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