Standing at Crossroads

Standing here looking left and right, Wondering which path to choose. If I  go to the left, do I gain? Or to the right, will I lose? If I move straight ahead What will I find? I’m not for certain where to go, But I refuse to look behind. Isaiah 43:18  “Forget the former things;  doContinue reading “Standing at Crossroads”

A Lighthouse for Christmas

Marc stood in the window of Baker’s Department Store watching the toy train meander around the winding tracks. “Look, Momma! The train is working tonight!” he exclaimed as his mother ran up to him. “Marc, you can’t run ahead of me like that,” Tara scolded. “You have to stay close to me. The sidewalks areContinue reading “A Lighthouse for Christmas”

Angels for Christmas

Father and Son Looked down from above Considering ways To show the Earth love. “Father, look, I can see What they will need most. A band of angels.” “Yes, let’s send them a heavenly host. When earthquakes, floods, and storms Cause many to be buried alive, Rescuers will be needed To help them survive. WhenContinue reading “Angels for Christmas”

A Caddy for Christmas

Rae stood at the black rope lining the edge of the fairway watching as the final group of celebrity golfers finish the practice round of the Christmas Charity Tournament. Rae stood among a group of one hundred fifty attendees whose heads revolved back and forth as their eyes followed each of the four golf balls flyingContinue reading “A Caddy for Christmas”