A Candle for Christmas

She clung to the six inch candle as Pastor Will read the story of the birth of Christ. Graci was excited to participate in the candlelight ceremony this year. At six years old, she felt like a big girl because her dad told her she was old enough to hold the candle.

“You have to be very careful so that you don’t get burned by the wax,” Paul had instructed Graci on his left when he lit her candle before lighting his wife’s cancle on his right.

“I will be careful, Daddy,” Graci whispered fearing she would blow out the candle.

As Graci stared at the flame and listened to the Bethlehem story, she noticed the candle began to drip onto the paper protector surrounding the candle. She immediately straightened her back and hands to make sure the wax didn’t spill onto her hand.

Graci glanced up and saw her parents beginning to sing Silent Night along with the church. She began to sing along as she watched her parents lifting up their candles when the lights were dimmed in the church. Graci was afraid to lift her candle and stood very still with the candle extended a few inches in front of her.

Even though she stood very still, she began to feel drops of wax falling onto her fingers and the floor. “Oh, no,” she thought, “I’m going to get burned.” She then looked up at her dad with pleading eyes hoping he would open his eyes and look down at her, but he continued to worship and sing through the end of the song.

At the end of the song, everyone blew out their candles and began to file out of the service. Graci peeled the wax from her fingers and she rolled the wax into a ball as she walked with her family to the fellowship hall where they would have cookies and punch.

“What do you have in your hand there, Graci?” Paul asked as he saw her place the wax on her lap before picking up the cookie he’d placed in front of her.

“It’s the wax from the candle. You told me to be very still and I was. I still got wax on my hand. I’m sorry.” Graci murmured.

“You don’t have to be sorry, Sweetie. You didn’t do anything wrong. The candle was made with wax and when it is lit, it melts.” Paul explained kissing Graci on the top of her head.

Graci smiled up at her daddy and began to enjoy her cookies and punch.
I like this parable so much because it reminds me of a recent candle lighting service I attended. At the end of the service, I could see people peeling wax off their fingers and off the seat in front of them. I could hear the Lord speak in my spirit. “That’s how My people are suppose to be. You are the light of the world. If you are a light, you make an impact on the lives you touch. You are light in darkness and the warmth of your flame can be felt by those who come in contact with you.

Be a “candle”. People need what you have to offer.

Light up a life with mercy.
Melt a hardened heart with a smile.
Light up a life with grace.
Melt a troubled life with guidance.
Light up a life with friendship.
Melt a rejected soul with a hug.
Light up a life with your love.
Melt a confused mind with understanding.
Light up a life with your care.
Light up a life with your warm embrace.
Light up a life with whatever you have to share.
Be a candle in this dark and troubled place.


The True Light who gives light to everyone came into the world.
John 1:9

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