Uncluttered Part 4: Exchanging Worry for Joy

It took me almost twenty years to learn to trust God in all circumstances. I was a worrier. I would look at my circumstances and wonder how I would get through. When I became a widow at thirty years old, I felt sorry for myself and my children for almost a year. I worried aboutContinue reading “Uncluttered Part 4: Exchanging Worry for Joy”

Words are Flowers

  Words are flowers planted in the heart. They take root deep within the soul. As they grow they become who we are, How we think–the backbone of our goals. They must be cultivated and nurtured daily. The words we speak become reality as each blossom unfolds. Our words give life and health to ourContinue reading “Words are Flowers”

It’s Time for a Change

We walk through our daily lives On the same ole paths of me, myself, and I. Seeing only what affects us Getting all we can before we die. It’s time for a change! Children are being neglected and abused. They are killing each other and defacing their lives. They are showing us they need usContinue reading “It’s Time for a Change”

Uncluttered Part 3: Release the Praise

On my mission to get more organized,  I am setting up a studio/office for my new business venture. The room I chose to set up is already a designated office and library. I call it a library because there are well over one hundred books from every genre from Christian Living to Higher Education textbooks withContinue reading “Uncluttered Part 3: Release the Praise”

Uncluttered Part 1: A Fresh Start

I love listening to my online radio stations. I’m not convinced yet to spend money to get commercial free radio. I’m glad, because I get to listen to different commercials and hear about different programs and products that I might miss if I upgrade. Over the weekend I heard a Lowe’s advertisement about getting organized.Continue reading “Uncluttered Part 1: A Fresh Start”