Some may say you can't. Others may say you shouldn't. Some may say you'll fail. Others may say you couldn't. No matter what their voices say You still have a choice. Pack away your dreams Or give your dreams a voice. Tell yourself you will. Tell yourself you can. Tell yourself, "No matter what I... Continue Reading →

Today's poet is a young man who touches my heart every day--my son Taylon Mosley. The following is his tribute to Black History. Black Celebration By definition it is ugly, The opposite of white, Not beautiful to be precise. But I find it lovely. It reminds me of the dark starry nights The color brings... Continue Reading →

Today's spotlight is one of my favorite poets. His poetry influenced some of my early poetry writing when I was in junior high. He is the inspiration for my poetry music videos. For more about Langston Hughes visit... If you want to hear Mr. Hughes recite one of his own poems, check him out on... Continue Reading →

Phillis Wheatley is an early American poet who wrote poems about the people in her life and her faith. She was raised as a slave in New England and was taught to read and write by her owners' daughter. She eventually traveled to England where her works "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral" were... Continue Reading →

Being a math teacher in a junior high school I encounter some very angry, frustrated, and quirky children. It amazes me how many of them misbehave in order to get attention or get out of working. They make weird noises. They try to tell funny jokes. They let us see the very unpleasant side of... Continue Reading →

I love watching old romance movies--the black and white ones are my favorites. I also like to read historical romances novels. I am fascinated at the way the romances play out. I study the plots and story lines, marvel at the language, and often wonder what inspired the writers to choose the conflict in what... Continue Reading →

Love is like a garden. The heart is the ground that needs to be prepared and ready for love. Love is a seed for the heart. If the heart is too hard, it cannot receive it.  In a garden a seed is planted and must be watered and receive plenty of sunlight. Love also needs to be... Continue Reading →

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