Tonight I am working on a story for the Reaching for Rain podcast. The story is called Wyatt’s Rain. It is a story about a young man who becomes very angry and bitter. He is having trouble finding a way to express his anger without hurting someone he cares about. He eventually finds hope by creating... Continue Reading →

I am working on a writing project called Sifting Through the Sands of Failure with my husband. During our discussion over various topics that would fit in this project, we discovered an continuous theme in each one...consequences of failure lead to wisdom. I want to briefly share a few thoughts from a recent reflection on our... Continue Reading →

Morning draws me to You Seeking Your face Seeking Your presence Thankful for Your grace. Morning draws me to You Bringing You my heart Bringing You my praise Thankful for a fresh start. Morning draws me to You Listening at Your feet Listening for Your instruction Thankful that it's You who makes me complete. Thank... Continue Reading →

When a nation prays together What differences would we see? There would be more love And less focus on what separates you from me. When a nation prays together What would happen to each child? There would be less violence And more hopeful, cheerful smiles. When a nation prays together, How many prisons would seize... Continue Reading →

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