Tomorrow is Another First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school and as I am preparing tonight, I realized that I have experienced almost 50 first days of school. This count includes my first days, those of my children and grandchildren, and the children I have the pleasure of meeting each year. For those of you who aren’t blessedContinue reading “Tomorrow is Another First Day”

Destiny is Now

Step into your destiny Reach for the hope of a brighter day. LOVE is holding your hand. He is gently guiding the way. Stride toward the promise. Yield to His invitation of rest. LOVE is whispering your name. He’s patiently waiting with His best. Don’t be afraid to move. LOVE has a plan just forContinue reading “Destiny is Now”

What Would You Do?

If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow, what would you do? Would you travel across the country, take a hike or play? Would you empty out your closets or go to the zoo? Would you spend time with family, with friends? Would you curl up with a book, visit a museum? Would you strollContinue reading “What Would You Do?”