Tomorrow is Another First Day

Tomorrow is Another First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of school and as I am preparing tonight, I realized that I have experienced almost 50 first days of school. This count includes my first days, those of my children and grandchildren, and the children I have the pleasure of meeting each year.

For those of you who aren’t blessed to work at a school, the first day from a teacher’s perspective is a very exciting day. Not only do we get a fresh start with a new group of children, we also get a fresh start, another opportunity to be a blessing to families and our community. We get to use our gifts and talents every day and we are rewarded with smiles and hugs, occasional drawings, and sweet notes left on our desks or dry erase boards.

I have a collection of clay snails left by an eighth grader who wanted to leave a touch of her love with us as she journeyed to high school. I have numerous letters from past students who expressed their appreciation for learning math with me. I even have a portrait of myself drawn by a student.

The bible says that children are a gift of the Lord, they are a reward from Him. They are not only gifts to their parents, they are a gift to their teachers and their community. As we begin another year, I want parents to know that their children will be loved, taken seriously, and nurtured as future leaders in our community. I want educators to know that your best days are ahead of you and there is never a day when you are walking this journey alone.

As I close and head off to bed in anticipation of another “first day”, I pray that this year will be full of
“Aha”, “I get it”, and “That was easy”. Remember to smile a lot, laugh often, and that every day is a new beginning.Beginning of School Prayer

2 responses to “Tomorrow is Another First Day”

  1. Have a wonderful first day Cindy! We started Wednesday and had a “short week” last week, but I still have that first day excitement:) I guess it’s because today is the first Monday!




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