Tragedy came to church again
Attacking the innocent
Shooting arrows of fear
Paralyzing our minds.
Babies, mamas, dads—future generations
Used to cast darkness
On a love that never fails.

But God…

He never stops loving us.
He never stops teaching us.
He never stops drawing us.
He never stops waiting for us to respond.
Will we accept His love?
Will we learn the lesson this time?
Will we answer the call?

Go ye therefore…

This tragedy should not be wasted
On media coverage and shaking our heads.
Our hearts are shaken.
Goliath has spoken again,
Who can stand against me?
Where are your “mighty” men?
Who will defeat me?

Time to suit up…

The enemy has issued a challenge
Who will stand?
Who will watch and pray?
Who will repair the breach?

On June 26 I had a dream about a young girl who had convinced a young man to marry her. She was very convincing and so he did. Once they were married she killed him and his closest relatives at the church. Then the lights went out in the church. A long amount of time passed and I kept wondering when someone would catch on, but things went on as usual. I told the girl that the police were going to arrest her. She laughed and said no one would believe me if I told. I was standing in the distance watching what was happening. No one stopped her. This child bride was with other children in the nursery of the church. As I watched her manipulate the people, I got angry and determined to do something. I was dreading the response of the people I would have to tell. I woke up.

I believe the events in Sutherland Springs, Texas and my dream is a call to action. We are taught in 1 Peter chapter 5 to be alert and watchful because the devil is on the prowl. He is looking for someone to attack. We have to be strong in our faith and stand up to him. God has given us His power and we can stand against our enemy.

Twenty-seven lives ended tragically Sunday. I know the reports say 26, but the shooter had a soul and it is God’s will that none parish. That shooter was deceived by Satan and he missed an opportunity to know how deep God’s love is for him. I believe that we have an opportunity as believers to touch people with the love of God with more boldness now. People are hurting. Many are afraid. Many were hurting before this tragedy and are confused about God’s love.

How are we going to respond? Will we just sit back and wait for the next tragedy to happen before we start making a stand? The world is waiting for believers and followers of Christ to step into the role assigned to us. It is time for us to bear much fruit for the Kingdom. How do we do that? By planting seeds of love, hope, faith, joy, and peace.



Holy Father, forgive us for being comfortable and complacent. Help us to be watchful and intentional in sharing Your love. Give us courage and boldness to stand against  evil and hatred. Teach us Your way that we may walk in Your truth. Give us undivided hears to fear Your name. May Your love and Your truth always protect us. In Jesus name, we ask.


Isaiah 58



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