In my pursuit to know God better, I clearly understand that He will answer prayer. He will give us insight and He will always tell us the truth about ourselves. He will uncover our secret thoughts and lay our weaknesses on the table to examine them with us. He will remind us that those who... Continue Reading →

In my dream during the night I was at a school banquet with different people I have known through the past thirty years. I was very glad to see them, but they all seem to have something they were holding on to that kept them from enjoying the banquet set before them. As I woke... Continue Reading →

She clung to the six inch candle as Pastor Will read the story of the birth of Christ. Graci was excited to participate in the candlelight ceremony this year. At six years old, she felt like a big girl because her dad told her she was old enough to hold the candle. "You have to... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you revelation. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea when Herod was king. His birth was announced to a group of wise men by a star. The star revealed the place where baby Jesus was. When they found the child, the wise men were filled with joy. I hope this season brings... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you heavenly visitations. The time of our Savior's birth was filled with angelic visitations. From their visit with Mary to the announcement to the shepherds that the child was born, angels were very active in celebrating the birth of Jesus. They weren't finished with mankind at the birth of our Savior. They... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you wisdom. When doubt and fear about the future try to overshadow us, we are quick to believe that our situation is hopeless and failure is imminent especially  if we have a setback or an unexpected delay. But the truth is, we have power to overcome all things. We have a source... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you connection. I don't know of any other season where the whole world seem to be trying to make connections more than the Christmas season. Families are reconnecting. Friends who haven't been in touch for a while get together to celebrate. When Mary found out she was carrying the promised child, she... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you a new song. Hope begins with an open heart and a receptive spirit. When the angel appeared to Mary to deliver a message from God she didn't respond with doubt. Even though she knew she was not carrying a child, her words did not declare she couldn't do what the angel said.... Continue Reading →

Today I wish you dreams. As the close of 2017 is rapidly approaching, you may be feeling like you want more from the next year. You're ready for something different, but you're not sure what you're longing for. It could be that you need a dream. You may need divine inspiration or divine guidance. The... Continue Reading →

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