14 Days of Blessings: Day 9

Today I wish you dreams.

As the close of 2017 is rapidly approaching, you may be feeling like you want more from the next year. You’re ready for something different, but you’re not sure what you’re longing for. It could be that you need a dream. You may need divine inspiration or divine guidance.

The birth of Christ is evidence that God will visit us in dreams to give us instructions. God sent an angel to speak to Joseph in a dream telling him it was okay to marry Mary because she was carrying the Son of God (Matthew 1:20). After the birth of Christ God sent an angel again to give Joseph direction about where to go in order to keep the child safe because Herod was seeking to kill the baby (Matthew 2:19 – 20).

As you reflect on your journey through 2017 and are considering the direction you want to go in 2018, take time to write down your dreams. You may find the key to your destiny hidden in them.

Dreams Blessing

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