14 Days of Blessings: Day 10

Today I wish you a new song.

Hope begins with an open heart and a receptive spirit. When the angel appeared to Mary to deliver a message from God she didn’t respond with doubt. Even though she knew she was not carrying a child, her words did not declare she couldn’t do what the angel said. She didn’t mention that she faced rejection from Joseph. She didn’t complain that people would think she was a fallen woman. She accepted the message with one question, “How can this happen?” She was open to what God wanted to do in her life (Luke 1).

As we celebrate this season and make plans for the new year, let’s join the angels in declaring “Nothing will be impossible with God!” Mary was about to face the greatest challenge of her life. Yet she sang, “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior…”

When we keep our hearts open and remain receptive to His divine plan for us, we will be able to sing a new song just like Mary did.

Sing Blessing

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