14 Days of Blessings: Day 12

Today I wish you wisdom.

When doubt and fear about the future try to overshadow us, we are quick to believe that our situation is hopeless and failure is imminent especially  if we have a setback or an unexpected delay. But the truth is, we have power to overcome all things. We have a source of wisdom and strength who is able give us direction and intelligence to survive any setback or disappointment.

For such a young woman, Mary was wise enough to recognize the angel spoke the truth to her. She recognized her limitation, but knew that God was faithful and able to accomplish what He spoke over her life. Joseph was older than Mary and I can just imagine his shock and disappointment when he learned she was carrying a baby. He wisely listened to God’s instruction and obeyed.

It takes a wise person to trust and obey God in all things. When trouble comes, remember your creator has given you everything you need to overcome.

Wisdom Blessing

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