You’re Qualified by Love

In my dream during the night I was at a school banquet with different people I have known through the past thirty years. I was very glad to see them, but they all seem to have something they were holding on to that kept them from enjoying the banquet set before them. As I woke up and meditated on the dream, the Lord helped me see that the people had caged themselves in. They’ve built their own cages that are keeping them from walking in freedom.

I believe the Lord wants many of you to know that divorce does not disqualify you, nor do your mistakes and failures. He knows the plans He has for you and no plan of His will be thwarted (Job 42:2) by your behavior. Just like our children cannot thwart our plans to love them and care for them, so God is with us. We didn’t just walk away and leave our children in the store when they had tantrums because they couldn’t have what they wanted. No, we picked them up and took them home. We still love them and desire the best for them. We see that they attend school, they eat until they are satisfied, and they have clothes to wear in every season.

Our heavenly Father will not leave us nor forsake us. He loves us with a perfect love. Our mistakes and failures do not disqualify us from being His children. He will correct us because He LOVES US! He will guide us if we will listen. All is not lost. Our destiny is still decided. He is waiting for us to step out onto the path He has set before us. He will guide us.

Scripture reading for today. (Daniel 9: 1 – 19 & Romans 12:1 – 2).

The Path to Destiny by Ci Mosley
You are not disqualified
Because you fail.
You are not fogotten
Because you leave the trail.

You are not unwanted
Because you slip and fall.
I AM here to lift you up
Because I love you through it all.

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