LOVE Helps Us Stand

In my pursuit to know God better, I clearly understand that He will answer prayer. He will give us insight and He will always tell us the truth about ourselves. He will uncover our secret thoughts and lay our weaknesses on the table to examine them with us. He will remind us that those who love Him will do what He says.

During my meditation times this week, I’ve been led to the book of Romans several times. This morning as I was reading Romans 14, I experienced a sweet revelation. I am not a judge. I already knew that, but having God hand you a mirror is a lovely experience.

As I read through the verses, I could see myself as I encountered individuals covered with tattoos and piercings, people who neglect their children, people who were scarred and disoriented because of substance abuse, and people who have decided there is no God. I had made myself judge. If not by my actions, it was by my opinion of their lives.

I am not a judge.

Romans 14:4 is the “ripping off the bandage” scripture for me, “Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.”

The truth is, no matter what people do or how they choose to live, God is able to make them stand. God makes Himself available to every one. The problem is, some have trouble seeing God because as God’s ambassador, I am not showing them who He is. I am not representing the Kingdom very well.

They don’t know He is with them, because they see others judging them. They don’t see His love in the smile I could be giving. They don’t see His love by the service I could offer to help a struggling mother or father with their children. They don’t see His love in the gesture I could give by providing a meal, a fresh change of clothes, or a warm blanket to the ones who are lost on the streets.

2017 is coming to a close, but the opportunity to love is not. Everyday is an invitation to share love and compassion. We may not always understand others’ weaknesses, but it isn’t our place to know that. Our assignment is to love them.

I pray that God will show us what “loving them” looks like for the individuals we encounter.

I Am Not Judge

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