Courageous Influence

She stood just outside the door of her mistress’s room. It wasn’t her intention to listen, but Naaman, captain of Aram’s army, was ranting on the other side of the door.

“God has elevated me and led me to many victories. Why doesn’t He take this wretched disease away from me? I might as well be dead. No one will want to follow a crippled captain. I’m ruined!” Naaman bellowed as his wife tried to comfort him.

The servant girl softly rapped on the door when the room had grown silent. Naaman yanked open the door and glared at the girl, “Well?”

“I have your dinner tray,” she whispered and entered the room as he pushed the door open for her to enter. Naaman backed into the room and watched as the girl placed the tray on the table across the room. He notice the girl whispering to his wife just before hurrying from the room.

“What was that all about?” Naaman asked his wife.

“What do you mean?” she responded.

“I saw the girl speaking to you. What was that about? She never speaks when I am in the room.”

“She thinks you should go see a prophet in Samaria. She says his name is Elisha.”

Naaman followed the advice of the servant girl and made arrangements to meet with Elisha. He reluctantly followed the prophet’s advice, but was healed of leprosy after following his unusual instructions.

The servant girl was brave. She wasn’t afraid to share her God with someone who could easily be considered her enemy. (2 Kings 5)

This story reminds me of the children of Israel who had embarked on possessing the Promised Land. They were to conquer the lands and influence the nations by demonstrating the power of their God. They were to teach and lead other nations to their God, not the other way around (Joshua 24).

We all are created to be an influence. Our God is to be envied. We are to shine so that others will see Him and want to become part of the Kingdom we possess. We are to take the Kingdom to the nations (Matthew 28). The nations aren’t just foreign places, but the nations include the places where we live, work, shop, and play.

The Kingdom within us.

We are instructed to be an attractive influence–a light that shines so bright that others will want to worship our God.

Matthew 5:16

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