Monday Haiku

Sunrise clothed in red

Escorting the week ahead

Monday is here!


The beginning of the work week is often a dreaded event. Not for me. I rise earlier than usual and embrace what has great potential. As a result, I get off to a wonderful start. I have my time with the Lord. I give Him my praise and commit to leaving the door open to whatever He wants to do with this week. I face the day with bold confidence that greatness awaits me.

Could it be that it is our attitude and what others have said about Monday that makes people dread it?

With that said, I am issuing a challenge….

Find a reason to have joy today. Admire the blossoms of spring, the smell of the rain, the laughter of children, the absence of pain. Then smile at someone and wish them a good day!

Psalm 42:11

Why so downcast, O my soul, put your hope in God!

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