Invitations: Lean In

Listen with an open heart and Ear Ancient of days us calling you Near. Interupt your plans and draw Near. It's easy to get so busy with life that we miss opportunities to hear what the Lord is saying. Many people think God isn't speaking, but Jesus promised to send us a teacher who would... Continue Reading →

Invitations: Come

Are you thirsty? Are you broke? Is your well running dry? Are your pantries almost depleted? Do you work hard for nothing? There is no pleasure in what you do. You work yourself to weariness and At the end of the day feel defeated? Listen to what I have to say. Pay close attention to... Continue Reading →

Word Drops: Refresh

In my dreams last night it seemed that the characters in them were exhausted and frustrated. There were men and women of different professions deciding to give up. They were unsure if what they had to offer mattered any more. They were out of sorts and needed encouragement. I was very busy in the dream... Continue Reading →

Word Drops: Quickly

Quit making excuses and Understand your part. IMMEDIATELY Consider your motives and the other's heart. Know that bitterness and resentment comes when offenses Linger without repentance and forgiveness. Your duty is to make things right and erase the chart. The Lord is totally into us and our relationships. He loves it when we get along,... Continue Reading →

Invitations: Pause

Put everything you're doing on hold And lift your hands Uplift praises to the Lord Sing a song of worship because His Everlasting love endures forever! The Lord is still God. He still loves us. He still heals. He still works miracles. He still delivers. He still saves the lost. He still sets captives free.... Continue Reading →

13 Lines on the 13th

In Great pain I cried Out To the LorD. He answered me, Set me free. He's with me. No more fear. What can man Do to me? He's with me. He helps me. I will win. My enemies lose. Psalm 118:5-7 Some people are convinced that Friday the 13th is cursed, but in Christ, we... Continue Reading →

Invitations: Win

Don't let darkness and sorrow win. Fight for Who you are. ResIst the urge to quit WheN life gets hard. The people around you may not see The Wonderful person you are INside, But remember God loves the real you That you work so hard to hide. You may not understand Why your heart hurts... Continue Reading →

A Faith Nonet

While I'm watching and waiting for Him I will worship and sing His praise Tell of His goodness and love Declaring His promise Over my journey That lies ahead Will not fail To come True James 1:2-4, "My fellow believers, when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties see it as an... Continue Reading →

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