Word Drops: Ripples

Have you ever woke up and remembered a word either written or spoken in a dream?  Did you write it down or just let it slip away? Every now and then I wake up with a word or short phrase on my mind that I either saw in a dream or heard in a whispered voice as I woke up. I write them down and meditate on what they could mean and how the word applies to my life or the life of someone I might encounter.

I also write them down because I believe God still speaks to His children. He speaks through the bible, in dreams, and on occasion with an audible voice. He speaks through nature and many situations we experience throughout our day. God is very creative.

One of my favorite ways He speaks to me is when He gives me poetry to write. I believe God loves poetry because the bible is filled with poetic expressions of love, joy, restoration, hope, and peace.

Poetry is a way to stir hearts with rhythm. Poetry  is also easy to share and it doesn’t have to rhyme. Poetry is art and mixes well with other artistic expressions. Poetry is a song you hear in your heart that is easily translated to print.

This morning the word is “ripples”. As I lay in bed watching the sun rise this is what I could hear the Lord speaking to my heart.


My friends, I encourage you to pause throughout your day and listen for the words and rhythm the Lord is speaking to your heart. Write them down. Share them. You never know who else might need to hear the rhythm of your heart.

Psalm 85:8  (TPT)

Now I’ll listen carefully for Your voice and wait to hear whatever You say. Let me hear Your promise of peace—the message every one of Your godly lovers longs to hear. Don’t let us in our ignorance turn back from following You.

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