Grace is an Eraser

Memory is a pencil That sketches your future Entangled with your past. Memory draws the chains That won't let you grasp The new life ahead. Memory shades your destiny With a misty shade of doom That causes doubt and fear. Grace is the eraser. Ever find yourself in the middle of your busy day and... Continue Reading →


Its 4 am againI can't believe I'm awakeBut then again, I'm not surprisedI have an appointment with the Lord to make.We often meet at this timeThere is so much work to doWe meet in prayer to strategizeWhile the day is new.Joel 2 prophecies the Lord is going to pour His Spirit out on all flesh.... Continue Reading →

Word Drops: Favor

You can forget what happened, What they said. Holding on to the violation Only puts junk in your head. Learn to dismiss, Release the urge to strike back. Smile and remember Why you're under attack. Your enemy wants to steal your joy To kill your peace To destroy your hope And wants love to cease.... Continue Reading →

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