Its 4 am again
I can’t believe I’m awake
But then again, I’m not surprised
I have an appointment with the Lord to make.

We often meet at this time
There is so much work to do
We meet in prayer to strategize
While the day is new.

Joel 2 prophecies the Lord is going to pour His Spirit out on all flesh. His Spirit is our teacher, our access to Him.

He didn’t say it would happen only when we are assembled in church or when we are awake. In fact He said we would dream and have visions.

God never sleeps (Psalm 121) and He is known for waking His children at night. Like clockwork He whispers in our ear, inviting us to fellowship with Him.

How often do you accept His invitation?

Are you like me sometimes, spend two hours trying to go back to sleep?

If we want a closer walk with the Lord, we will accept His invitation to get up early to hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say.

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