Launch out into a deeper place in God Let Him fill your emptiness And guide you safely to the shore. Launch out from your comfort zone Let Him teach you how to live And walk in darkness no more. Launch out toward the Light of life. His love awaits to give you new hope AndContinue reading “Launching”

An Empty Seed

The enemy of my joy Planted an empty seed today He wanted to poison my soul And drive my peace away. He used a child of my heart And someone from my circle of care To discourage me And fill me with despair. I began to water the seed To nurture its presence But theContinue reading “An Empty Seed”

Secrets Found in the High Places

A peaceful stream that lead to rest. A loving hand that wipes away tears. A whispered word giving hope to face a new day. Courage to face the storms of life. Light that outshines the darkest night. A melodious song to chase away despair. A God who listens and loves. A Savior who continually prays.Continue reading “Secrets Found in the High Places”