When the Enemy of Your Change Shows Up

I was blindsided Divided Chided
By the enemy of my change

So I decided Confided Abided
In the One who could arrange

To have my enemy blindsided Divided Uninvited
From within my range

Now I am undivided Delighted Excited
To see my life rearranged

It seems like every time we start heading in the direction we know Father God is taking us, we get blindsided by troubles.

Whether we are rich or poor, young or old, we will all experience trouble. Sometimes it is the result of our own making. There are other times when troubles come to test our faith.

Job teaches us that sometimes God gives Satan permission to mess with us. The troubles aren’t meant to break us or kill us. They come to teach us to stay prayerful, to keep believing and testifying about God’s goodness and to give Father God glory for victory.

Psalm 54 says it like this

God, deliver me by your mighty name! Come with your glorious power and save me!
Listen to my prayer; turn your ears to my cry!
These violent men have risen up against me;
heartless, ruthless men who care nothing about God seek to take my life.

Pause in his presence

But the Lord God has become my divine helper. He leans into my heart and lays his hands upon me!
God will see to it that those who sow evil will reap evil. So Lord, in your great faithfulness, destroy them once and for all!
Lord, I will offer myself freely, and everything I am I give to you. I will worship and praise your name, O Lord, for it is precious to me.
Through you I’m saved—rescued from every trouble. I’ve seen with my eyes the defeat of my enemies. I’ve triumphed over them all!(TPT)

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