Never Shaken

He knew.
He saw.
He heard.
He waited.
He answered.
He watches.
He cares.
He forgives.
He loves.
He reigns.

As 2019 marches forward, resolutions and goals may start to fade. Instead of feeling hopeless and incompetent, remember the One who gives us hope.

God knows and makes provision for us in times of disappointment. He knows our hearts and gives us daily access to the following,

  • His unfailing love
  • His mercy
  • His grace
  • His hope
  • His truth
  • His guidance

He is always with us and we can always begin again. Every morning is a fresh start.

Psalm 11:4 (TPT)

Yet the Eternal One is never shaken— He is still found in His temple of holiness, reigning as Lord and King over all. He is closely watching everything that happens. And with a glance, His eyes examine every heart.

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