Love Letter From God #8

I’m singing over you A song of love A song of faith A song of hope. I’m singing your story A melody of favor A melody of provision A melody of healing. I’m singing over you with My word A verse of deliverance A verse of wisdom A verse of freedom. I’m singing over youContinue reading “Love Letter From God #8”

My Worship Song: An Abecedarian Poem

Awesome and availableBoundless and beautifulConstant and closeIs who You are to me. Defender and determinedEternal and easyFaithful and freeIs who You promised to be. Great and generousHealer and helpfulInvincible and intentionalIs how You’ve been. Jehovah and justKing and kindLord and lovingIs who You are time and time again. Merciful and mightyNear and necessaryOmnipotent and openYouContinue reading “My Worship Song: An Abecedarian Poem”