My Worship Song: An Abecedarian Poem

Awesome and available
Boundless and beautiful
Constant and close
Is who You are to me.

Defender and determined
Eternal and easy
Faithful and free
Is who You promised to be.

Great and generous
Healer and helpful
Invincible and intentional
Is how You’ve been.

Jehovah and just
King and kind
Lord and loving
Is who You are time and time again.

Merciful and mighty
Near and necessary
Omnipotent and open
You are the source of my peace.

Powerful and present
Quotable and quick
Redeemer and rewarding
Your favor and love never cease.

Savior and solution
Teacher and touchable
Understanding and unexplainable
You exceed my thoughts and imagination.

Victorious and virtuous
Wonderful and willing
eXcellent and eXalted
Yahweh and yes,
To give Your love without limitation.

Lord, I worship who You are.
I’m amazed by Your power to save,
By Your extraordinary mercy
And how You’re never far away.

Created with Bible Lens by Cindy Mosley

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