Daily Psalm: Art & Verses Inspired by Psalm 2

Holy Father,

The city that we love
Has suffered long enough.
Lies, abuse, corruption
Along with all sorts of evil stuff

Has left us barren and dry.
We’re thirsty for Your water
We need Your Spirit’s rain
Before our hearts and grounds get harder.

Because we can ask,
We humbly blow
Requesting our cities
To be converted now.

Yes, we’ve overlooked what is needed
We’ve looked the other way
When every form of evil
Came out to play.

We’ve left our cities in the hands
Of the one who steals, kills, and destroys
But, Father God, we know
There are angle armies that You can deploy.

Forgive us and send Your help
We no longer chose to serve
The idol of self-centeredness
And the rituals we observe.

We want to do things Your way
To love and unite
To bear each other up
With Your Spirit’s might.

Thank You for healing our land
And make it Your place
A land that is alight
With love, mercy, and grace.

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