Daily Psalm: Inspiration from Psalm 93

The waters are singing!They are singing Your praise!Wave after wave seem to say, “The Lord reigns!You are clothed in strength and majesty.You hold the key. Our world is Yours.It was yours from the beginning.It was founded at Your bidding. Your testimonies are very sure.Holiness adorns Your dwelling place.We yield now to seek Your face. LordContinue reading “Daily Psalm: Inspiration from Psalm 93”

Down Time: Tres Haiku

Away from the crowds Protecting family and homes Social distancing Pantry stocked and full No reason to leave the house Worries cast aside At home with the Lord Family covered in prayer Finally, down time I’m not certain if I am the only one, but this forced social distancing feels like an answer to prayer.Continue reading “Down Time: Tres Haiku”

Love Letter From God #10

My Beloved, I was wondering how longWill you ignoreThe fact that I adoreYou?I implore YouTo exploreThe possibilities of the moreFound in Me–More loveMore joyMore peaceMore hopeMore faithMore lifeMoreThan ever before. Oh My Beloved,When will you turnTo learnOf MeTo discernMy true concernHow deep My passionsBurnFor you? Today we can start afreshIgnore the messLet Me blessYouLet MeContinue reading “Love Letter From God #10”

I Went On a Journey Today: A Villenelle

I went on a journey todayTo see what I would seeTravelling as the Lord reveals the way.So much wonder was on display;An abundance of slendor and beauty.I went on a journey today.The magnitude of loveliness I cannot convey.But what I saw awakened me,Travelling as the Lord reveals the way.Every face, tree, and blossom seemed toContinue reading “I Went On a Journey Today: A Villenelle”