Love Letter to God #17: I Am Smitten

Holy Father, You woke me up very early todayAnd in the quiet of the mornI wondered what You would say. Then I heard the words of a songReminding me of Your faithfulnessAnd of Your patient loveI knew without a doubtI was not alone. No matter what I faceI could do so with Your grace. NoContinue reading “Love Letter to God #17: I Am Smitten”

Love Letter From God #15: The Gate is Open

Beloved, When gates are open Sheep flee and It’s tempting to close it To hold others in. But The gate is open As an invitation For the prodigals To return. Don’t worry about More getting out. Remember, I know my sheep They come at the sound Of My voice. The gate is open. I AMContinue reading “Love Letter From God #15: The Gate is Open”