Raindrop Lullaby: A Haiku

Tapping, dripping drops

Patting leaves and window panes

Raindrop lullaby

Photo by Daniel Frank on Pexels.com

In Mark 4:38-40 the disciples were afraid because of a storm that was shaking their boat. Jesus was in the bottom of the boat sleeping. When He rose, notice that He didn’t stop the rain. He told the wind and the lake to be still. He didn’t stop the rain.

I love how the Lord uses simple things like rain and leaves to bless me. When I was a child, storms frightened me. Now I open the windows to hear the rain. I feel very relaxed. I sometimes tune into YouTube “Rain” channels to lull me back to sleep when I have insomnia. I never thought I could sleep through a storm, but Jesus showed us how. We can have faith in His ability to take care of us.

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