Remember Why: A Christmas Reflection

He was born to be Shepherd.
He was born to be King.
The babe born in a manger
Was born to change everything.

He saw what He created
Had charted a fatal course.
We were created for His praise and glory;
His law of love to enforce.

Instead, we’ve chosen idols
That are powerless and frail.
None can compare to the Holy One
Whose kingdom will prevail.

He was born to make things right
To re-align our way.
He was born to be a sacrifice;
Our sins to wash away.

The prophets proclaimed His coming.
The angels announced His birth.
God Himself declared
He is the ruler of heaven and earth.

May we not forget why He came.
May we show it throughout the year.
Let’s visit, feed, comfort, and love
Because that’s why we’re here.

He was born to be Shepherd
He was born to be King
Because we are His own,
He works through us to change everything.

Shifting by Artist CiMo

The earth and everything in it,

the world and its inhabitants,

belong to the Lord;

for He laid its foundation on the seas

and established it on the rivers.

Psalm 24:1-2 HCSB

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