If Hope Was A Color

If hope was a color

What would you choose?

Will it contain shades of reds

Or strokes of blues?

Will your selection

Bring comfort or bruise?

If hope was a color

Yellow just might be

The color that works for me.

Yellow is found at the center of things

It’s one of the first colors we see in spring.

Yellow gives light where darkness loom

And inspires happiness as summer blooms.

Yellow is a color that flows through the sky

When evening is nigh.

It envelops the sunlit morn

Like the Jerusalem Thorn.

Yes, if hope was a color

I just might choose

A palette of yellow and it’s many hues.

Published by Cindy Mosley

Cindy Mosley is an inspirational author and teacher. Cindy is married to Frank . They are parents of five children and have 9 grandchildren. They live in North East Texas. "We have reason to hope!"

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