Celebrate With Me: Birthday Haiku

Celebrate With Me: Birthday Haiku

Celebrate with me
Donating books to children
Join me in the fun

It’s my birthday and it would be so wonderful if you would celebrate me with me by purchasing and donating the books I wrote and illustrated to a local day care, preschool, or an elementary classroom.

I have already given to 2 day cares in my town and will deliver to 3 more today. Many day cares and schools in your cities have limited resources to purchase new books and appreciate help from the community.

The picture books were created using sight words early readers learn at school. They help young readers practice fluency and comprehension. There are 5 books about mermaid who share their lives under and above the ocean. And 3 books about a boy who shares his imagination amd love for books.

My books are availabe on Amazon or click the link below the learn more about them. Thanks in advance.

Let’s celebrate!

King and The Mermaids

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