New Book Release: Vaisha Under the Sea

Meet Vaisha the mermaid.

Vaisha lives and plays under the see. She shares things she can see around her. Early readers will enjoy independently reading this picture book that contains sight words they are learning at school.

Vaisha Under the Sea is the first in a series of mermaid books created for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readers.

I work at an elementary school where I coordinate a literacy program for grades Pre-K – 4th grade. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten students have access to their own special library where they can check out literacy building bags. We call them Buckeye Bags. Each Buckeye Bag contains a book to read, a writing activity, and a math activity. Parents and teachers sign their students up for weekly access to a Buckeye Bag.

After receiving many requests for mermaid books, I felt inspired to create a unique book that is not only colorful and fun to look at, but the book also contains sight words students are learning in class. Students will have an opportunity to go home and share what they are learning in school with their families.

Vaisha, and her friends, Venus, Vanzi, Vonna and Viola, will help improve reading fluency and comprehension while helping student gain confidence in their reading skills.

Special Orders for Vaisha Under the Sea are available Thursday, April 15.

Special Orders will include a signed copy and a special 3″ x 4″ Vaisha Under the Sea sticker.

Thank you for choosing Vaisha Under the Sea. Look for Venus in the Sun (Coming Soon), the next mermaid book.

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