Sharing Your Blessings

Is that a smile you are keeping to yourself? Did you forget to give it to somebody else? Is that a praise you are withholding? Did you forget your neighbor’s confidence needs molding? Is that a kindness you are not extending? Did you forget your hands and service are for lending? Is that mercy youContinue reading “Sharing Your Blessings”

Counting Blessings

Counting your blessings is easy to do Even when life is difficult for you Take a deep breath, count that too. Look around and add the view. Listen to the birds sing Hearing it is a blessing. Don’t for get to count waking Add that to the list, add writing. Remember to add opening yourContinue reading “Counting Blessings”

Caleb’s Hope

I guess this could be the equivalent of the junior high walk of shame. Today is my first day back to school. It’s only five weeks after all the other kids started school. I just got back to campus from the alternative school. I am so embarrassed. I bet all the kids have told myContinue reading “Caleb’s Hope”