Word Drop: Constant

During meditation this morning, I could hear the Lord whisper the word “Constant.” I am a math teacher and the word constant refers to terms in an equation. So, my math teacher mind thought of this equation. Walking with the Lord = Daily Provision + His unfailing love Some of you will get it, butContinue reading “Word Drop: Constant”

A Black History Verse to Ponder

February is the month we set aside to pay tribute to African Americans who have influenced our culture. This past Sunday at church, our musician played Lift Every Voice and Sing written by James Weldon Johnson. I grew up listening to that song as the Negro National Anthem. It was played at the end ofContinue reading “A Black History Verse to Ponder”

Courage to Dream Out Loud

It’s one thing to dream a dream It’s another to dream it out loud To voice what you hope To stand out in the crowd. To tell the truth And expose what’s wrong To declare what’s right With more than just a song. To wave a dream like a banner Rallying your fellow man ToContinue reading “Courage to Dream Out Loud”

Yours to Give Away

Love today is yours To give away. You have the power in your hands To fill the atmosphere With love that is so dear. A laugh, a smile, a hug Filled with love has power To change the world. Give it away….. Let it flow where ever you go And watch the transformation See theContinue reading “Yours to Give Away”

Gift of Morning

I watched you rise today. I waited in our place. I waited with anticipation To hear your voice to see your face. My hands were full with a gift of Love. It was so big I had to let it go. And just as I released it You lifted your eyes to watch it glow.Continue reading “Gift of Morning”

Change the World with Love and a Vision

This morning as I was meditating and preparing for a prayer meeting, Holy Spirit lead me to look up Trenton, New Jersey. At first I was confused, but I obeyed and found an article written in the Trentonian (January 2016) featuring the thoughts of a known gangster, Earlie Harrell. Harrell is known for his association with aContinue reading “Change the World with Love and a Vision”

An “Angry” Message

Tonight I am working on a story for the Reaching for Rain podcast. The story is called Wyatt’s Rain. It is a story about a young man who becomes very angry and bitter. He is having trouble finding a way to express his anger without hurting someone he cares about. He eventually finds hope by creatingContinue reading “An “Angry” Message”