Uncluttered Part 8: Embrace the Process of Delays

Resist the urge to abandon your purpose. Resist the urge to run away  and hide. Resist the urge to ignore truth. Resist the urge to turn aside. Embrace the process. Often when we begin to work toward fulfilling our dreams or reaching a goal, we may find ourselves on a path leading us away from... Continue Reading →

Since I am a math teacher who dabbles with things not obviously math, my students always seem surprised by the other things I do. They marvel at my art and are dazzled by my ability to write and publish books. They even appear to enjoy the videos I post on YouTube. Last week a student discovered one... Continue Reading →

Spring has arrived. Everywhere we turn in East Texas we can see beautiful azaleas and dogwood trees displaying their colorful blossoms. Gardeners are cultivating soils and planting annuals. What I find interesting are the people who actually use artificial flowers to decorate their gardens. I can imagine all sorts of reasons for using silk flowers... Continue Reading →

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