Transitions: Beauty for Ashes

There are times when I go to my secret place To worship and seek God’s face I find myself inspired by the beauty of His grace. As I create the images He reveals, i often wonder how These not so talented hands can respond with ease To produce images such as these. He quietly remindsContinue reading “Transitions: Beauty for Ashes”

An Invitation to the Garden of Hope

Draw near to the garden

Wonderfully Imperfect

I love living in East Texas especially during the transition seasons. I love driving along the country roads and watching the landscape sprinkled with trees full of white blossoms. Tonight I felt inspired to capture some of the landscape I see each morning on my commute to work. As I was sketching, smearing/smudging, and sprinklingContinue reading “Wonderfully Imperfect”

Yours to Give Away

Love today is yours To give away. You have the power in your hands To fill the atmosphere With love that is so dear. A laugh, a smile, a hug Filled with love has power To change the world. Give it away….. Let it flow where ever you go And watch the transformation See theContinue reading “Yours to Give Away”

Flowers & Verses 3: Begin Again says the yellow rose symbolizes joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning. Everyday is a new beginning, but we often lack joy, valuable friendships, and we long to truly have a fresh start. God offers us joy, friendship, and a new beginning every day because He love us. He says to usContinue reading “Flowers & Verses 3: Begin Again”

Mama’s Legacy

“When I grow up I want to be like you,” said many a child to their mother. I can say that for certain, because my mom is amazing. She isn’t just my mom, she is mom to many others as well. She is also a sister to the ladies who are not her own andContinue reading “Mama’s Legacy”