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Level A Reader: LaPrada shops in different places. Read to find out where she loves to shops.
Kloee makes a heart for a special friend. Read to find out who gets Kloee’s dragon heart.
Released October 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin went to the fair.
They had lots of fun there.
But on the way home
Something went wrong.

Read to find out what happened to Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin.

Released November 2021

King and his family have fun during the holidays. They enjoy silly treats and pranks. Read this picture book to see what makes King’s family laugh at Christmas.

This is a beginning reader that contains sight words young students are learning in school.

Meet King and The mermaids: Vaisha, Venus, Venya, Viola, and Vanzi.

King and the Mermaids

Five beautiful mermaids
Live and play in the sea
Each one is beautiful
With her own personality.

Vaisha Under the Sea

Vaisha smiles and
Shows us around
Sharing what she sees
What mysteries to be found!

Venus in the Sun

Venus loves to
Sit above the waves
Watching animals and people
As they live and play.

Venya on the Beach

Venya likes to
Visit the shore
Discovering, playing
And so much more.

Viola Makes Music

Viola likes to make things
From recycled finds
She and her friends create
Special things for musical minds.

Vanzi Paints

Vanzi  travels and paints
When she visits other oceans.
She shows off her skills
And her interesting friends.

King likes to build things with his blocks. He uses different colored blocks to show off his skills. This beginning reader contains sight words young children are learning in school.

King likes to visit the art gallery. He explores the rooms and looks for hidden things in the art. Read to discover what King finds.

King of the Books

King likes books. He reads in different places. He likes to read with friends. Read to find out where King reads, what he reads, and who reads with him.

Grandma Where Do Mermaids Sleep?

King reads with his grandma just before bed

When he gets a curious thought in his head.

King wants to know where mermaids sleep

And Grandma shares a tale of slumber in the deep.

Choose your favorite or order then all. Then write a review.

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