What Would You Do?

If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow, what would you do? Would you travel across the country, take a hike or play? Would you empty out your closets or go to the zoo? Would you spend time with family, with friends? Would you curl up with a book, visit a museum? Would you stroll... Continue Reading →

Uncluttered Part 12: Rise Above the Noise

When I began this uncluttered series at the beginning of the year I was inspired by an advertisement about storage containers. I thought the trouble with storage containers is we tend to hold on to what we need to let go. We pack away things we don't wear and our garages are filled with books,... Continue Reading →

Almanac.com says the nasturtium represents patriotism. Patriotism means devoted love for ones country/in support and defense of one's country. This is my patriotic tribute to America for Independence Day. Almanac.com also says that the nasturtium prefers poor soils and they do not need fertilizers. In fact, Almanac says fertile soil produces more foliage than flowers.   ... Continue Reading →

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