Mercy’s Triumph

She watched as the two willowy teens stood in the doorway staring out the window while Officer Greer describe how he found them living in an abandoned building near the center of town. The teens were brother and sister, Caleb and Cassi. They weren’t twins, but they were very close in age. Cassi was just... Continue Reading →

I Lost Myself

I lost myself the other day. I got so caught up. I forgot who I was. I found myself a few hours later. Watching me realize I was angry about something I couldn’t control. I let it go. I’m back! Proverbs 19:11 New Living Translation (NLT)   Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking... Continue Reading →

Leah’s Rest

Good Saturday Evening Friends, I hope you enjoy this story inspired from Genesis 29. Leah sighed as she watched Jacob and Rachel enter the tent they shared on the other side of the compound. She could hear them exchanging cheerful banter and see their loving touches. It was obvious the couple loved each other very... Continue Reading →

When we speak Your name We are no longer afraid. When we call Your name Our enemy is dismayed. When we say Your name Our sleeping minds awake. When we say Your name We know the path to take. When we call Your name Hopelessness disappears When we say Your name Our vision become clear.... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Invisible

  I see you standing there Trying to be invisible You hope no one notices But I can see you You really don’t want to be ignored You long to be understood You want to be loved You need a smile and a hug You can have it if you just look up Turn your... Continue Reading →

Tabitha’s Calendar

Good Morning my Friends, I am so excited to share this story with you today. As you go about your day and the upcoming week, be encouraged that God is at work in your life. He already knows what you are facing and has made provisions for you to overcome. He loves you and has... Continue Reading →

Letter of Love to My Grieving Friends

Dear Family & Friends, I know that many of you are grieving the loss of your loved ones. I've prayed for you and I know that there isn't anything I could say to take away your pain. I understand how grief can steal your joy and overwhelm you. I remember the year I lost by... Continue Reading →

Welcome Autumn

       Hello Autumn,                I’ve been waiting for your arrival.                Summer was dry and so was my spirit.                I’ve been lost in a sea of evergreens and carpets of watered grass.                You have brought color to my life along with cleansing rains and cool breezes.                My spirit anxiously awaited for... Continue Reading →

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