My Giving Season

This is my season to giveWhat I don’t think I can affordTo release from my handsThat which belongs to the Lord. My purse appears to be emptyBut I have more than money to sacrifice.I was created by a faithful GodAnd I have what will suffice. I can plant a seed of joyGive a hug andContinue reading “My Giving Season”

Love Letter to God #15

Eternal One, You are rightI need more insight. My attitude Caused me to elude The desires of Your heart.The words I spokeDidn’t give hope. My pantry is fullBut my neighbor’s is empty.My closet bulges with the latest fashionBut I respond to the needy without compassion. My family rarely sees meBecause I am busy;Seeking to pleaseContinue reading “Love Letter to God #15”