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Summer Morning Praise

Birds announce the dawn

Sunlight streaming through the trees

Summer morning praise

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How Deep is Your Love

How Deep is Your Love

Are you willing to deny yourself,
The pleasures of your life,
Turn your back on fame
For the cause of Christ?

Will you give away your time,
Share your talents without pay?
Consider the needs of others above your own
when you kneel to pray?

Are you willing to choose a path
You’ve never traveled before,
Embrace an undesirable,
Pray for a stranger in the store?

When you hear His voice
Will you obey?
Even if He admonishes you
To give what is precious away?

How deep is your love?

Is your love for the Master
Deeper than what others see or feel?
Does it flow so deep within you
That through your life they know the Lord is real?

How deep is your love?

Mark 12 30


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Transitions: When Little Becomes Much

A little hug

A little caress

A little assurance

In the middle of despair

Will greatly calm the weary soul.

A little love

A little smile

A little hope

In a little while

Will lift a heavy burden.

A little joy

A little faith

A little encouagement

In the very moment when need is great

Will replace hopelessness with great peace.

A little flower

A little song

A little mercy

In the crush of defeat

Will turn the shame into great relief.


In a little while…..

1 Peter 5:10

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Transitions: Beauty for Ashes

There are times when I go to my secret place

To worship and seek God’s face

I find myself inspired by the beauty of His grace.

As I create the images He reveals, i often wonder how

These not so talented hands can respond with ease

To produce images such as these.

He quietly reminds me He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Eccleciastes 3:11

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An Invitation to the Garden of Hope

Can you see our Savior

Kneeling in the garden

Lifting up His face

Painting a picture of hope and grace?

Praying to our Father to welcome us in

To the place where He calls us friends

To the place where love never ends.

Draw near to the garden

Listen to the prayer

Feel the love waiting there.

His arms are open wide

His hands extending

The invitation never ending,

“Come, draw near

Do not fear.

Love awaits you here.

Find your hope in Me.

In my garden you are free.

To love and be loved.

John 17